Travel Insurance Packages

Sometimes our best, most carefully thought out plans can take an unexpected turn for the worse. While these unforeseeable circumstances can’t be helped, the options we have to combat them can. Here at All Link Travel Inc., if your vacation takes an unanticipated hit, we’ve got you covered. We offer top travel and medical insurance plans designed to meet the needs of the client.

We offer:

  • Baggage insurance
  • Trip cancellation
  • Hospital and medical insurance for people visiting Canada
  • Air flight and travel accident benefits
  • All-inclusive packages for tour insurance
  • Medicare International travel insurance
  • Out of province emergency travel insurance
Basic Plan:

  • 24 hour emergency travel assistance
  • Travel insurance coverage essentials
Deluxe Plan:

  • Most advanced level of medical coverage
  • Additional benefits (when purchased 15 days within the initial trip payment)